Sei Ao



Biographical Information
Kanji 青 セイ
Romaji Ao Sei
Birthday Unknown
Family Sora Hashiba (derivative)
Gender Male
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Status Alive
Relationships Sora Hashiba (lover; depending the player choices)
Alternate Personality None
Game First Limit
Anime Mini Triangle
Seiyū Kōki Miyata
Sei Ao (青 セイ Ao Sei) is one of the characters of the Sukisyo series. His best friends are Fuuta Kitamura and Ren Shiina. Sei is Sora Hashiba's clone, made by Aizawa. He cannot speak first, but starts to trust Sunao and Sora after a while.

Background Edit


Sora HashibaEdit

Sei and Sora don't hit it off immediately; at first the two argue, and then protest when Gaku and Sunao laugh at them for being so alike. After Sora saves Sei and Fuuta from three bullies, Sora thanks Sei for trying to help him during the fight, and asks if he's hurt. Sei starts to cry (much to Sora's surprise), and says that he was really scared. Sora comforts him, and Sei asks if Sora will protect him next time as well, to which Sora replies 'Sure. I promise, so don't cry'. Sora then goes on to say that he didn't have any parents, and he felt like he had a younger brother when he met him. Sei felt the same way, and from then on the two were close.

In the game, Sei is a clone of Sora, and first trusts Sora and Sunao.


  • He is sometimes seen as Sora and Sunao's child.