Ren Shiina



Biographical Information
Kanji 椎名 零
Romaji Shīna Ren
Birthday Unknown
Family Aizawa (father)
Kai Nanami (father)
Kai Nagase (half-brother)
Kano Kozuki (half-brother)
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Status Alive
Relationships Kai Nagase and Gaku Ichikawa (lovers)
Game Target Nights
Anime Mini Triangle
Seiyū Chiro Kanzaki
Ren Shiina (椎名 零 Shīna Ren) is one of the characters of the Sukisyo series. His best friends are Sei Ao and Fuuta Kitamura.


Ren was "born" after Kai Nanami was raped by Aizawa. Aizawa stole and fused their DNA, creating Ren. However, neither Aizawa or his half-brother, Nagase, liked Ren and both disdain and even go as far as to hating him. It is implied in Mou Matte and Sweet Trap, the games' spin offs, that Ren was given to foster care and became orphan.

Relationships Edit

Kai Nagase and Gaku Ichikawa Edit

Ren admits in Mou Matte and White Flower that he has a crush on Nagase, but is also in love with Gaku. While Nagase disdains Shiina, he accepts this, and the three start a three-way relationship.