Biographical Information
Kanji らん
Romaji Ran
Gender Male
Hair Pink
Eyes Red
Status Alive
Relationships Yoru (lover)
Game First Limit
Anime Sukisho!
Seiyū Kappei Yamaguchi (Game/Drama CD)
Souichirou Hoshi (Anime)
Ran (らんRan) is Sunao Fujimori's alternate personality, created by Sunao under the influence of Yoru, the alternate personality of Sora Hashiba, to endure Aizawa's experimentation.


Ran like Sunao, has long pink hair usually tied with a long piece of red ribbon, just like Sunao Fujimori. In the game, he can be distinguished from Sunao by his slightly brighter pink hair color, higher voice, and red eyes. However, in the anime, the red eyes are the only feature the two personalities don't share.


Ran is seen as the uke of the pairing. He is dependent, demanding and in some cases more feminine than Sunao. He is probably the second most feminine character in the series, the first being Kai Nanami. Ran loves Yoru to the point of an obsession and is violently possessive of him. He will occasionally flirt with Sora Hashiba just to bring out Yoru. Unlike Yoru, Ran never harasses Sunao, though he will attempt to seduce anyone else.



  • Ran's name is Ran(蘭), which is Japanese for orchid.



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