Matsuri Honjou



Biographical Information
Kanji 本城 祭
Romaji Honjō Matsuri
Birthday February
Age Around 15-17
Family None
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Status Alive
Relationships Sora Hashiba (lover; depending the player choices)
Alternate Personality None
Game First Limit
Anime Sukisho!
Seiyū Susumu Chiba
Chiro Kanzaki (child)

Matsuri Honjou (本城 祭 Honjō Matsuri) is one of the main protagonist of the Sukisyo series. He's a childhood friend of Sora Hashiba and Sunao Fujimori. He's also the leader of the schools 'do-it-all' club, Jack Of Trades and the dorm manager of the school.


Matsuri has a very androgynous appearance, with long blond hair and green eyes.


Matsuri is an upbeat person who likes to tease his friends, often inventing elaborate plans usually revolving around getting Sora and Sunao together, or making money. He is always seen carrying a camera, frequently taking embarrassing snapshots of Sora and Sunao. Sora and Sunao rarely like any of Matsuri's ideas, but the pair tends to go along with Matsuri despite that. He is rather sharp as he can tell that Sora or Sunao is hiding something from him. Fans say that 'he know better than he looks', which is true. Matsuri might appear to be hyper and immature but his real personality might not be like that.


As a child, Matsuri went to school with Sora Hashiba and Sunao Fujimori, and they often met up outside of school grounds to play. One night, just after Matsuri moved away, Sora and Sunao were abducted by an organization that did research on mind control. As a result, Matsuri did not know what happened in the past of his friends.


  • He resembles Saotome Haruna from Mahou Sensei Negima in both image (long hair with antennae) and Paru-sama personality + Kazumi paparazzi.
  • His name, Matsuri, means "festival".