Kano Kozuki



Biographical Information
Kanji 小槌 カノ
Romaji Kozuki Kano
Other Names Kano-kun
Birthday Unknown
Family Aizawa (father)
Gaku Ichikawa (father)
Kai Nagase (half-brother)
Ren Shiina (half-brother)
Ryouya Kozuki (adoptive father)
Gender Male
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Purple
Status Alive
Anime Midnight Embrace
Seiyū Michiru Yamazaki
Kano Kozuki (小槌 カノ Kozuki Kano) is one of the secondary characters in the Sukisyo series. He is the adoptive son of Ryouya Kozuki.


He is really shy and unexpressive, seems to be a chibi-Gaku as Sei-kun to Sora (chibi-Sora). The first time he smiled was when Ryouya used his favourite plushie (a pink rabbit) to talk to him. Since then, Ryouya always brings it with him.


Kano was made from DNA from Gaku's hair and Aizawa himself. Gaku used to visit and play in the lab of Aizawa when he was small, and Aizawa had always admired Gaku's cheerfulness.

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